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A brief biography Ármann Reynisson was born in Reykjavik in 1951. He has played a significant role in cultural and business life in Iceland since he returned from his studies at the The London School of Economics in 1982. Always unconventional by choice, Reynisson has usually turned to testing out innovations in the various occupations he has taken up over the years. As a result he is regarded as both untraditional and controversial by his fellow Icelanders. After he completed his education, Ármann Reynisson became one of the most influential pioneers on the Icelandic financial scene, which at the time was decades behind most other European nations. For a time, he ran a number of companies in various areas of commerce. He has always been a staunch supporter of culture and the arts and made contributions out of his own music fund to young and aspiring musicians. His parties are always an occasion and populated with guests from all walks of life.

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88 Stories Around Iceland
88 Stories Around Iceland –bókarkápa

88 Stories Around Iceland er komin út

In 88 Stories Around Iceland, Ármann reynisson offers his readers a unique glimpse into Icelandic society both in modern times and the past. His stories cover a wide variety of topics set in the countryside and the towns alike, exploring the country's people, animals and natural wonders. The collection also contains stories about the relations between humans and elves, as well as some mildly erotic stories. The order in which the stories appear follows a journey around the country and for the reader's convenience; there is a map of Iceland on each page pinpointing the exact location where the story takes place. The stories in this collection are especially well suited for reading aloud and are intended to be informative and contemplative.

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Vestnorrćnar  Vinjettur II
West-Nordid Vignettes now available in a boxset

Two volumes of the West-Nordic vignettes in a show case edition

The West-Nordic vignettes are available as a two-volume show case edition. They comprise forty seven stories from Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. In Volume I, each tale is in Icelandic, Faroese, Danish and Inuit while Volume II comprises the tales in Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and English. The substance of the vignettes is varied, ranging from tales and observations about the daily existence of the people, to tales about the landscape, animals and national customs. Ármann Reynisson gives the reader a sense of being in the far north in his vivid and visual narritives. This is the first time ever that a literary text has appeared in print in all the West Nordic languages at the same time.

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