Vinjettur III

Ms. Lynn Carter, exclusive vice president, the Americal-Scandinavian foundation, Scandinavia House, New York, 03.12.2003:

I have read many of the Vignettes in the first volume, and found them beautifully written, and wonderfully evocative of a time or place or situation in just a few paragraphs.  

Darren Thomas, writer and lektor english University:

The Vignettes have a beautiful simplicity and a pared down quality, which forces one to confort essential truths and moments.  They also encourage one to read more closely than usual and focus on your choice of language.  They also work a second and third time.  Unusual !

Vinjettur II

Soo Ray, businessman, San Fransisco, USA, 15.12.2002:

"I am enjoying reading the Vignettes quite a bit - while the Vignettes are short, they make you "think" a lot, which is very refreshing."

Vinjettur I

Rax Rinnekangas, writer, photograph og movie director, Finland, 01.05.2002:

"The Vignettes - book is a totally beautiful and tale full collection of mysterious and charming stories."

"I admire your philosophy to write and your technique to start the story from one point and - even it lasts only some sentences - then to finish it with a shockingly unexpected end. The mental world of your book's people comes out as a concrete but a secret and an invisible but a visible place where you take us."

"I have been reading your book aloud to our friends in parties and encores have been many."

Bjarne Werner Sorensen, artist, Copenhagen, 26.11.2001:

"Beautiful book"

"It's a pleasure to hold it in the hands and look through it, and the Vignettes are great readings and full of subtle and rich atmosphere.  Congratulations!"

Ernst Ostertag, writer, Zürich, 28.11.2001:

"Wonderful book"

"It is a fantastic book, very carefully and nicely produced"

"This indeed is a most precious gift!"

"There I see the landscape and smell the winds and feel the wilderness and freedom of a country I love from deep inside."

Terje Risberg, artist, Oslo, 07.12.2001:

"We all find the stories very touching and sometimes even intriguing. There is this peculiar feeling that sometimes touches you that what we call reality is perhaps very fragile, and may disintegrate for short periods of time."

"I think we need to be reminded of the Mystery of it all, and I believe you have made a contribution to this with your book."

Robert Hickey, designer, New York, 02.12.2001:

"I think the book splendid!" 

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