Vignettes I

How can a few dabs of colour on a canvas lead us ot recall how we feel when we watch the sun rise? Why does a fallen glove on the street on an old photo in a shop spark a connection to a treasured moment in our own lives? In the same ways, vignettes – the briefest of literary sketches – capture life´s moments in ways that connect with our own experience.

In Vignettes, Ármann Reynisson writes of intimate moments, grand events, exotic locales, and scenes as familiar to you as the view from your kitchen window. Whether set in the present or past, some stories are uniquely Icelandic: the island settings, mysterious folklore and Viking traditions. But others are set around the world, capturing the sizzle and steam of modern life, in places well known to today´s travellers: Marrakech, London, Paris, Cairo, Capetown and New York.

A summer night, a private conversation, a broken promise. Story by story, each vignette guides you, finds a resonance in the others, and the reader´s experience.


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